Sunday, April 10, 2016

As we all should know the amazing effects that VapoRub can do for a common cold, minor aches in joints/muscles, as well as being used as a treatment for mosquito bites, there is actually a whole lot more that it can do for your health.
Cracked Heels
Just by rubbing a little bit of vaporub onto your feet, heels, and as well as on your socks can give you the exact treatment you’re looking for when it comes to cracked heels. Wash your feet with warm water the next morning and use a pumice stone to remove the dead skin.
Fungus In The Nails
Apply vaporub to any finger/toenail that may be infected with fungus, as well as applying it to your socks twice in a day. Also be sure that you trim your nails until the fungus has entirely vanished.
If you have any unwanted bruises you are looking to get rid of, combine vaporub with a little bit of salt and apply directly to the bruised area.
Ward Against Acne
This one may seem too good to be true, however, just by applying vaporub to any unwanted blemishes, you can have clear and clean skin within days. Apply to infected pores a couples times a day.
Sinus Headache Treatment
Apply vaporub under your nose immediately upon getting a sinus headache and inhale deeply. As you breathe the menthol in the vaporub, your headache should evaporate rather quickly.
Hopefully these small tricks will provide you some quick fixes to everyday problems. Never underestimate the power of Vick’s vaporub!
source     simpleorganiclife.or


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