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Before we start this article you must know that this is not a fiction story or a myth! Now have you heard about Li Ching Yuen? This man lived an astonishing 256 years!
The story of this man was published in the New York Times article in the 1930. Namely, a professor from the Chengdu University, named Wu Chung-chieh, going through some documents discovered some Imperial Chinese government records from 1827. On these records there was a congratulation note to Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday. Later he found some other documents, dated from 1877 on which there was also a congratulation note on his 200th birthday.
Later in 1928, a New York Times correspondent, conducted a research. He wrote about the testimonies of some old men from Li’s neighborhood. Namely these men claimed that grandfathers knew this man when they were boys. At that time Li was a grown man.
Now let us tell you something about Li. According to some documents, Li began his career as an herbalist when he was 10. At that time he used to gather various different herbs in the mountains and that is how he learner the secret to long life. In the next 40 years he was only eating the herbs he collected. He was consuming rice wine, gotu kola, wild ginseng, goji berry and lingzhi. At 71 he was a teacher of martial arts in the Chinese armies. He was married 23 times and had over 200 children.
He continued to collect herbs up until he was 100 years old. After that Li began to sell herbs gathered by other man. However he did not stopped consuming these herbs.
Li was not the only one who lived long
One of Li’s followers, claimed that he know one man who was 500 years old. According to this 500 year old man the secret to a long life are proper herb-rich nutrition and the Qigong exercises.
And here is Li’s secret for longevity
When he was asked what was his secret to longevity, Li said that if you want to live long you must sleep like a dog, walk lively like a pigeon, sit like a tortoise and keep your heart quiet.
He also added that the secret of a long life is in keeping your body and mind calm and implementing an herb-rich diet. Also according to Li it is very important that you combine these factors with some breathing techniques.
Why is it so hard to believe that Li lived that long?
Currently, the average lifespan in the Western world is around 70-85 years. That is why we find it very difficult to believe that some man lived over 200 years. But is it really possible to live that long?
Now in order to understand how did Li lived that long, you must know that not every person has the same lifestyle. Namely, while some people are leading a fast and stressful life, others are exercising regularly, do not breathe polluted air and are stress-free.
As we already said, proper nutrition is very important for longevity. At this point you must know that there are people who do not eat flour or refined sugars or any other food that is full with pesticides. These people also do not consume generically modified foods, sugary deserts and fatty meats.
Additionally, you must know that these people do not consume alcohol, antibiotics or tobacco. They only consume herbs, which has been confirmed that are superfood for your immune system and your organs.
Also you must know that these people regularly practice meditation and breathing techniques. These techniques are extremely important for improving your emotional, physical and mental health.
At this point you must know that these people most of the time are in nature, under the sun. They regularly get proper sleep and they keep their things simple.
Now imagine having a perfect physical, spiritual and mental health and spending most of your time relaxing in nature under a sun. How can you not live long?
This means that if we treat our bodies as we should, we could live up to 100 years without problem. If we do all of these thing and take care of our body and mind, who knows how long can we live!
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