Wednesday, June 1, 2016

This is straight out of some kind of movie, this human gorilla hybrid infant was born in India.
Via Ilyke


INDIA – A shocking report coming out of the Indian University of Science in Bengaluru, Karnataka announces they have successfully cloned a half human, half gorilla hybrid. Gorilla and human genetic experimentation has been going on secretly since the 1980s, in multiple countries. It was only inevitable that the success of these experiments would finally take place. They are calling him ‘Hurilla.’ At just seven weeks of age, ‘Hurilla’ weighs approximately 18.2 pounds and is 24 inches long; They expect him to grow to approximately 250 – 300 pounds with a height not to exceed 6 feet.

In the 1990s it was disclosed that an experiment at a primate center involving human sperm and a gorilla resulted in a live birth. However, the newborn was euthanized within several days. Apes and humans are more alike than different, sharing 99% of the same genetic structure. It was thought that the difference between animals and humans was the ability to use tools, but gorillas commonly used tools. They also have a culture, which is passed down the generations, rather than simply inherited.


The genetic analysis of ‘Hurilla’s’ blood revealed that the number of chromosomes were in between humans and gorillas. Humans have 46 chromosomes and gorillas have 48 chromosomes. ‘Hurilla’ has 47 chromosomes, but only a few were human, and most were guerrilla. Just like horses and mules can interbreed, and tigers and lions can interbreed, so gorillas and humans can create a genetic hybrid. Further testing shows there is a high possibility that ‘Hurilla’ will remain sterile, unable to produce further offspring on his own.


Call it controversial if you want, but there are many “mad scientists” creating hybrids of all types of species in labs all across the world. It’s not often that you will hear of this, as most scientists are too afraid to come forward. Fortunately for this University, there is no law in India preventing this type of experiment. We can only hope that if ‘Hurilla’ survives, he will not become out of control. They’re expecting him to be smarter than the average human; a sort of “super intelligent” species.


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