Wednesday, July 20, 2016

She must be really happy to finally meet her creator!

Sister Cecilia Maria lived in Saints Teresa and Joseph Monastery in Santa Fe, Argentina, dedicated to prayer and the contemplative life. Everyone knew her for her beautiful smile, a smile she always had despite being in constant pain because of her illness. Until the day she left for the afterlife, she continued to smile and bring hope for those she left behind.

Six months ago, she was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and the disease metastasized into her lungs. Her condition worsened and she had to be hospitalized. From her bed she never stopped praying and offering up her sufferings with the certainty that her encounter with God was near. Doctors gave her a few months to live.

In the last few moments of her life, she dedicated her time to prayer, remaining happy despite her inevitable end.

She wrote her last wish on a piece of paper: “I was thinking about how I would like my funeral to be. First, some intense prayer and then a great celebration for everyone. Don’t forget to pray but don’t forget to celebrate either!”

The discalced Carmelites, the group she was a part of, released a powerful statement after she passed away:

“Jesus! Just two lines to let you know that our dearly beloved sister gently fell asleep in the Lord, after such a painful illness, always borne with joy and her surrender to her Divine Spouse. We send you all our love, grateful for your support and prayer during this entire time, so painful yet so wonderful at the same time. We believe she flew directly to heaven, but we also ask you to not cease commending her to your prayers, so from heaven she may repay you. A big hug from her Sisters in Santa Fe.”

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