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Himalayan salt is one of the most valuable food additives, as it is the healthiest, purest salts.
It originates from the Himalayan caves and is old more than 250 million years. Even nowadays, it is manually removed from caves, and washed afterward.
The highest- quality rocks are crushed and used in the preparation of table salt, while the larger ones are used for treatments and relaxing baths.
It is first dried in the sun and then placed in organic bags, in order to preserve its properties and purity. It has a strong flavor, so you will significantly reduce the daily intake of salt, as Himalayan salt is used in smaller amounts.
Its numerous beneficial properties have been recognized and appreciated for ages, and in Korea, it was used as a trade good, while the Romans used it to pay their soldiers.
Since it does not raise the concentrations of potassium and sodium, like salt, Himalayan salt does not increase blood pressure. However, it has numerous other health benefits as well.
Sodium is a vital nutrient for the balance of the electrolyte concentration, and it supports the normal muscle function and regulates blood pressure.
This salt also improves blood circulation in the legs and arms.
Himalayan salt contains even 84 components present in the human body, so it provides numerous important vitamins and minerals. Since they are really small, the minerals in it are easily digested, and its high amounts of sodium, magnesium, iron and calcium boost our health.
Due to its innumerate health benefits, it is also known as white gold, and they are listed below:
  • It normalizes the digestive processes and  metabolism
  • Improves blood circulation and promotes heart health
  • Purifies and detoxifies the blood
  • Regulates blood sugar level and prevents diabetes
  • Regulating the level of electrolytes and water in the body
  • Regulating the level of electrolytes and water in the body
  • It can be used for inhalation in the treatments of asthma, sore throat, sinus problems, bronchitis
  • Treats issues of the respiratory tract, especially the sinuses
  • Prevents muscle cramps
  • Regenerates brain cells and improves concentration and sleep
  • Strengthens the bones, particularly in children
  • Balances the pH of the cells
  • Supports the function of the liver and kidneys
  • Prevents dehydration of the organism and it is easily absorbed
  • Enhances mood provides energy and promotes positive thinking
  • Prevents aging
  • It causes no negative effects on the body organs, like stomach or kidneys.
Its addition to meals provides a delicious flavor. Also, make sure you keep Himalayan salt lamp near your computer or TV, as it has the power to reduce the harmful electromagnetic radiation.
Since our biggest body organ, the skin, is related to the health of all internal organs, a nice, warm, Himalayan salt bath will provide multiple benefits. The skin will absorb all the minerals, stabilize the bio-points, and you will be full of energy.
Such Himalayan salt baths are useful in the case of:
  • Gynecological problems,
  • In post-operative recovery,
  • Rheumatism and diseases of the joints,
  • Insect bites, blisters, wounds,
  • Various skin diseases,
  • Skin irritations.
The detox treatment in such a bath is similar to 3-day fast. For best results, make sure the salt concentration in the water is similar to the one of the body.
Add 30 grams of salt in 30 L of water, so since the average bath needs 100-120 L of water to be filled in, you will need 1.2 g of salt. The temperature of the water should be around 37 degrees.
You should enjoy this bath for 30 minutes, wipe with a clean towel, and relax for 40 min.  Except Himalayan salt, you should not add anything else.
Stay in the bath for half an hour, then wipe with a clean towel and relax for 40 min.
When it comes to the price of this white miracle, depending on the weight and package, it can vary from 1-3 dollars. You can find it online, in healthy stores, and herbal pharmacies.
The Himalayan salt soap consists of 100% crystal salt, with some supplements added, and it is helpful against cellulite, herpes, dry skin, and as a deodorant.
Its use may cause a slight tingling, as a result of the skin detox, or irritation, but it will go away in a few minutes. You do not need to use creams or soaps afterward.
This salt is also highly beneficial in the case of rashes, acne, and other skin issues. Simply exfoliate the skin, to open the pores and help the absorption of minerals, add 100g of it in 3l of water, cool the mixture, and use it during the day.
To prepare a peeling, just dissolve this salt in some essential oil and rub it into the skin. The skin will be soft and smooth. Make sure you do this treatment 1-2 times a week and in order to treat skin issues, every day.
In the case of sinuses, you should add a small teaspoon of Himalayan salt in ½ l water, and with a syringe, mix the solution.
As soon as the salt crystals are deposited on the bottom of the container, the salt has stopped dissolving, and you can use it. Spray in both nostrils and you will immediately begin breathing better.
Himalayan salt is also very beneficial for other health issues, as follows:
  • For an ear infection, use the same saline solution.
  • To treat nausea due to traveling, soak a cloth in this salt and place it around the neck.
  • To treat a sore throat, gargle with saline solution, but you should not swallow it.
  • To treat foot fungus, soak the feet in a saline solution.
Furthermore, Himalayan salt lamps are a must for every home, as they are extremely useful and their light is much healthier that the one of common lamps.
These lamps treat asthma, depression, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, and are highly valued by the Feng-Shui art.  You should place the lamp in the bedroom, office, or in the children’s room.
The salt crystals emit negative ions which are heated, and naturally, cleanse the air and promote overall health. These lamps last forever, and can be bought online for around 20 dollars.


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