Saturday, August 13, 2016

Here are 12 things you might want to avoid at night, especially if you’re suffering from a lack of sleep:
  1. Do not drink water before sleeping otherwise you will at least go 2-3 times to bathroom.
  2. Do not take long naps, arrange great routine for sleeping and make sure you go to sleep at the same time at night on this way you will fall asleep much faster.
  3. Keep your electronic devices away from you before sleeping. The brightness that comes out of your laptop or mobile device can alert your brain.
  4. If you love to read books before sleeping, I am so sorry but you also need to avoid this thing. Read the book earlier and never bring it to bed.
  5. Avoid buying alarm clock with bright numbers. This can disrupt your sleeping or will prevent proper asleep. Always choose the ones with dimmer numbers.
  6. Make sure you provide high- quality mattress to yourself. Do not buy cheap ones. Perfect mattress will protect your overall health due to good and proper sleep.
  7. Eat dinner 2 hours before sleeping. Do not go sleeping with full stomach, on that way your body will remain active for digestion process.
  8. Exercise every day. Exercises will provide you more energy but if it is done 3 hours before sleeping.
  9. Warm your feet before sleeping, cold feet will prevent you fall asleep immediately.
  10. As I previously said for quality sleep you need to provide yourself proper “before bedtime” routine. Go to the bathroom, brush your teeth and wash your face for example is great start for preparing the body.
  11. Do not drink coffee for at least 4 hours before sleeping. Caffeine usually boosts the metabolism and brings freshness which makes it great for mornings.
  12. Always choose your best position for sleeping. Try sleeping more often to your side rather than your stomach or back.


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