Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Parents who love their kids are willing to move paradise and earth to guarantee that their kids get all that they require in life – food, shelter, a proper education. Many parents sacrifice their time, their cash, and well-earned rest just to give their children a happy and satisfied life. This is one thing that all wonderful parents, whether rich or poor, have in common.
And then we have extraordinary examples of parents who give the word sacrifice a whole new meaning, like this father of 4 from the Philippines. On the Facebook page, Music for Jesus, this dedicated dad was featured because of how hard he works in order to feed his children. And he does this even if he doesn’t have legs!

This exemplary man is willing to lift heavy sacks on his shoulders, even if he only uses crutches to support himself. This is truly a remarkable image of fatherhood – doing whatever it takes to support the family, even if you barely have enough strength or means to support yourself.
Unfortunately, the name and location of this extraordinary parent wasn’t mentioned in the Facebook post. What we can hope for, however, is for people to realize that being a parent isn’t an easy job. We may not realize just how much our parents had to give up and what they had to do just to give us the life we have now. So give your parents a call, pay them a visit, and show them how much you appreciate all the little things they have done for you.
Even if we don’t know who this man is or where he came from or how we can help him with his lot in life, the least we can do is to revere him as an example of a truly hardworking and dedicated dad.
Kudos to you, sir!


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