Saturday, August 13, 2016

Experts emphasize that the regular consumption of half a liter of juice of this commodity, will double the value of plasma nitrates, which will affect the muscle strength, and the blood pressure will be decreased significantly.

In order to successfully cure anemia, to detoxify your body, to strengthen the immune system and to increase stamina and energy levels, you will need to implement only one ingredient in your diet – beet!
This super commodity is extremely popular among athletes as it increases the endurance during exercise and has the effect of “a natural doping” for the body.
In order to easily get the needed physical strength for your training or in order to run around the playground and still not run out of air in the lungs, it is enough to drink the powerful beetroot juice which returned to the list of the healthiest foods.
Beetroot juice can boost your stamina during exercise and can increase the physical strength, due to the nitrates it contains.
Research from the UK confirms that the juice of the freshly pressed beetroot helps athletes to endure a training that would longer and more difficult up to 16 percent.
Experts say that the regular daily consumption of half a liter of beetroot juicedoubles the value of plasma nitrates, which has a significant impact on the muscle endurance, while the blood pressure decreases significantly.
  • 1 kg of beet,
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • juice of one lemon.
Peel the beets and then grate them into a bowl, add the honey and the lemon juice, which will soften the beet and neutralize its earthy flavor.
Leave the mixture to stand for three hours, then strain it through a dense sieve, strongly squeezing the beet in order to get as much juice and fiber as possible.
Drink the fresh juice in the morning on an empty stomach.



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