Monday, August 29, 2016

You will never really know when and where you will meet an angel in disguise. It can be anyone…anyone that will fill your heart with love and joy. And it is mostly seen in those simple acts of kindness. Just like what happened to a woman selling roses in a subway who witnessed this simple act and touched not only her heart, but the world as well.
A woman was selling roses for $1 a piece or $11 per dozen on the jam-packed train in New York.
Suddenly a well-dressed man steps in and wants to buy a couple or so. The vendor gives the man a good deal for 15 roses for the price of $14.
roses 4
Then the generous man offered her $140 for the whole thing but with one unbelievable condition…he wants her to just give all the roses to others.
The generous man said, “You gotta do me a favor, You gotta give them out. Just give them to everybody, don’t sell any of them. Just give them away.” He then gets off the train at the next stop and disappear.

Filled with surprise, the stunned woman burst into tears. And after the man left the train she started shouting “free roses” giving the flowers away as promised.
roses 12
Watch the heartwarming video:
The owner of the video Maria Lopez, who runs a design company in Manhattan and witnessed the touching moment said, “I looked at this woman and I felt really connected to her, so I started shooting.”
She also said, “He was like an angel, he just disappeared.”
She posted the video on YouTube two years ago (Jun 28, 2013), but the video just recently went viral after being posted on Facebook and Reddit.
“This one little gesture of humanity is so huge. It’s a testament to the lack of love and lack of generosity in the world. I think people are yearning for that.” Lopez added.
One simple gesture of kindness can change everything. If only all of us can do this, we would have a better world. Share this to your friends and love ones and be inspired!


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