Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ian Halperin, the celebrity biographer of such notables as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain and the Kardashians, now has the authoritative scoop on the breakup of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
After all, as the author of "Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie," he’s an expert on the subject. And he reveals all in an exclusive article for the Daily Mail.
According to Halperin, who is a New York Times bestseller according to Simon & Schuster, Jolie’s plan was to take the couple’s six children and go live in Britain and pursue her political ambitions, while Pitt stayed behind in Los Angeles and tended to his acting career.
In public, they would pretend to be happily married, but in reality, they would be free to pursue other romantic relationships. She would keep the kids, but allow him to visit them regularly.
But Pitt rejected Angelina’s proposal, says Halperin, causing her to fly into a “terrifying rage,” while he “struggled to cope with the sheer, frightening force of Angelina’s volcanic temper.”
As part of her political agenda, Angelina wanted to set up her base of operations at the couple’s rental home in Surrey and take up where her idol Princess Diana left off,  championing landmine victims, AIDS sufferers and other humanitarian causes.
Halperin adds that Angelina has her mind set on becoming a member of the House of Lords, which she can then use as a stage to further her humanitarian goals. To do so, she would have to give up her American citizenship, which she allegedly is quite willing to do.
The biographer cites an anonymous friend of Angelina’s as claiming that she wants to marry into the Royal Family, with Prince Andrew being her matrimonial target.
“I think she wants to emulate Grace Kelly by moving seamlessly from Hollywood to European royalty,” the friend is quoted as saying. “Her goal now is definitely to hook up with a high-profile politician or a Royal. She thinks she fits Prince Andrew’s profile and I believe he is on her radar.”
What will Pitt's next move be? Even Halperin doesn’t have the answer to that question.
Source: Opposing Views


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