Sunday, December 4, 2016

This is going to redefine the definition of what a “dream job” really is for many people. While many are out there looking for the highest paid job with the least effort possible, there’s no way that you can beat this gig.
Turns out NASA will be your employer. Your duties will include staying in bed for 60 days! Yes, that is correct. A job where you can actually sleep in, literally. No more nasty alarm clocks where you get up and go through that miserable morning routine. With this gig, you simply go back to bed. Oh, and the pay? A hundred grand!
It’s called their “Bed Rest Studies.” And while it indeed sounds like a dream, there are some catches. As in you have to literally remain in bed for the full 60 days. You might think this means that you are only allowed to get up and go to the bathroom, right? Wrong. You got to do your business in the sack! How that works we’re not sure, but it appears to be the case. This could mean having to wear adult diapers for all we know!

I think relieving yourself in the sack for a few months is worth the income. You won’t be able to see friends or family, though you can text and call them, and are allowed a few rare and scheduled visits.

You basically get to watch TV and play video games otherwise. You get fed, but just like the bathroom, you have to eat lying down.
Apparently the research will help NASA figure out what happens to astronauts during the long periods of space travel, and there are 3 goals to the study:
1. Understanding how one’s altered physiology in space might affect certain mission protocols.
2. Understanding the importance of physiology in the ability to complete certain tasks.
3. Preparing countermeasures against potential physiological impariment caused by the environment.
Exercising and Non-exercising are the two different categories. The exercise group can work out using specific equipment. This allows them to be somewhat active while lying down.
The non-exercise group get to be the real slackers. No exercise for them as data will be collected on the subjects’ bones and muscles. Also data on their circulatory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems will be recorded.
You up for a massive payout while kicking it in the sack? Share this with friends and family so they too can manifest their inner slacker while getting paid!


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