Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It was a quiet day on the highway when one driver saw something strange happening. The car right in front of him swerved oddly, one of the windows opened and several hands emerged pushing a large fluffy object out of the car.  
They sped onwards but the driver watching from behind slowed down, realizing only in the nick of time that what they’d tossed from their car window was — a dog!
Youtube /Mohamed Mediouni
It had crashed violently to the pavement and rolled quite a ways. Other drivers veered to avoid it. One driver managed to stop his car and went straight over to get the dog.
Buddy, as he’s now called, was amazingly still alive, though barely. He got taken immediately to the vet where his numerous cuts, bruises, and several broken bones were attended to. 
He was clearly traumatized, too afraid of people to do anything but huddle in the back corner of his crate. 
But within six weeks he was almost completely healed and adopted and when you see the video you’ll hardly believe it. 
The real shock is at 2:00:

He’s clearly regained his faith in humanity. It’s hard to believe how cruel people can be to an innocent animal, but we can all take comfort from the fact that someone risked his life to save this little guy on the highway.
Let’s hope this criminal act of animal abuse gets prosecuted and that Buddy just keeps getting better and better!
source  www.hefty.co


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