Saturday, January 14, 2017

Eric and Tammy Koz wanted nothing more than to have a baby. Starting a family would not prove to be easy, as Tammy was diagnosed with lupus. This increased her chances of having a miscarriage.
When she became pregnant, she remained optimistic. However, doctors told her that her baby girl was not growing at the rate she should be. At 19 weeks, doctors told Tammy that they could deliver the baby, though there was no chance the child would survive.
They said the best option was to wait until Tammy was 27 weeks pregnant. At that point, the baby could have a 5 percent chance of survival. Tammy was put on bed rest, and every other day she would have to go to the hospital to see if her little girl’s heart was still beating — every time she went, she heard the precious sound.
Doctors continued to prepare Tammy for the worst. Even if her baby survived, there was little chance she would live. Eric felt that as he was signing his baby girl’s birth certificate, he would also be signing her death certificate.
Little Zoe was born at 10 ounces, but miraculously grew bigger and bigger. Last December, Tammy and Eric decided to update Oprah on Zoe’s health. At 12 years old, Zoe was a happy, exuberant little girl.
From looking at her now, you would never know she was born so small and at risk. Yet Tammy shows Zoe her baby photos to remind her of how far she has come and of how strong she is.
See this miraculous transformation in the video below.
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