Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Good manners depict proper and polite behavior, but many people believe this is an unrealistic protocol. However, these rules are very simple and they include proper speech and vocabulary, restraining emotions, neat and clean appearance and common courtesy.

These 15 rules are the most important and should be followed by everyone
1.When you are walking with another person who greets someone with Hello, you should greet that other person too even if you have never seen them before.

2.Don’t put your phone or tablet on the table when you are out because it indicates that you are bored and not interested in the meeting. Checking your Facebook account for example could offend the person you are sitting with.
3.You are not obliged to eat sushi with chopsticks; if you are a man you can use your hands.
4.Don’t ask someone out if you plan to spend the whole evening calling or texting someone.
5.Always thank people when they help you with something. This way you show appreciation and that you are not taking them for granted.
6.Ladies you should never let your man carry your purse, and men you should always take your lady’s coat to the cloakroom.
7.Answer your phone only when it is important and avoid having empty conversations over the phone. If you need to talk to someone, wait until you meet them in person if it is not an emergency.
8.Staring at people is extremely rude as well as laughing and talking too loud.
9.If you are a driver, always be careful not to splash pedestrians with water.
10.When at the cinema, concert hall or theater, when walking to your seat make sure you face the people you pass on your way.
11.If you made a mistake, apologized and your apology was accepted, you should never repeat the same mistake again.
12.Polite men will show respect to all women equally.
13.Nine things about yourself that you should keep a secret: age, religion, disgrace, honor, affairs, wealth, medical issues, gifts and family quarrels.
14.Being the only one who follows a certain trend may cause you to look ridiculous no matter how good you think you look.
15.Always greet everyone when you enter a room regardless of your status, age or profession.

These rules were made with a goal to make the world a better place. They can be hard sometimes and they take time to become a habit, however they will be of great importance for your appearance and they make an excellent personality trait. Good manners are never out of style.


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