Monday, May 15, 2017

Unfortunately, high blood pressure is a common disease nowadays, and it is related to obesity, lack of sleep, stress, alcohol intake, salty food, and smoking. Due to strenuous physical exercise or stress, the muscles strain, and the blood vessels constrict, leading to a rise in the blood pressure. Therefore, in order to normalize it, we should clearly relax the muscles.

Lu Hens is the doctor of the Moscow football club “Spartak”, and he revealed a secret natural remedy, which is a part of the Chinese medicine, and effectively reduces high blood pressure in 5 minutes.
He believes that the most important thing is proper blood flow. According to the Chinese medicine, the blood flow to the tissues and muscles is of utmost importance.
In the case of a blood stagnation in some body part, it will become the starting point of some disease, and vice versa, if the blood flow is adequate, the body will quickly solve the issue.
Therefore, massaging certain points on the body bring relief and healing of health issues. This is how to use this in order to reduce high blood pressure:


This is actually a line, which goes behind the earlobe and extends to the middle of the clavicle. You do not need to massage it, but you should slowly pamper it with the tips of the fingers from top to bottom. You should repeat 10 times on both sides.


The location of this point is close to the earlobe, half a centimeter for the ear, towards the nose. Massage it with the fingertips for a minute, on both sides of the face. You should press enough, but it should not be painful.


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