Saturday, July 22, 2017

Society is made up of the collaborated efforts of people in the form of institutions. Institutions are investments people put in, and those with the most power to invest have the greatest influence on society.

Behind The Mask Of the Cabal

Despite the seeming equality we have achieved, the rich elite haven’t gone anywhere. They have managed to maintain their existence thousands of years throughout history, including in the modern era. They were even there at the dawn of modern day advancement, in the beginnings of the industrial revolution, where society witnessed its biggest growth in history.
The first aristocratic class planted the initial seeds, influencing the direction of our society in the most fundamental ways, just a century ago. In time, they grew by creating most of the major sectors in finance, education, media, and more, shaping society into what it is today. If there is anywhere to look at today for questions or answers for our very imperfect world, it is at those who created it.
The richest “philanthropists” of our time have been constantly pushing forward agendas in their own right. To have such a small group of people have a chance to influence millions of lives on such a big scale sounds scary to me. Let’s take a look at some of the most influential philanthropists in modern history.
1. Bill Gates
  • Misunderstood as one of the world’s main contributors or as a computer genius that invented a lot of things.
  • Bill was given free funding by his wealthy parent and support from IBM to start his Microsoft business that was eventually carried by the successful software code Windows.(1)
  • Bill Gates’s philanthropy work consists of purchasing 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock with an estimated worth of $23.1 million,(2) $2.5 billion to vaccinating kids around the world,(3) and over $200 million on Common Core, a public education curriculum that seeks to further de-individualize the public education system.(4) Please do some research into vaccinations to understand why this is an issue.
2. Warren Buffet
  • One of the richest men who has ever lived, his investments include spending millions of dollars on the big banks that are sucking the economy dry.(5)
  • He has donated a large sum of his money to an abortion business called Planned Parenthood which is all good in itself. But PP has been caught allegedly selling dead baby fetuses for more than they are allowed to sell them for. While this is a controversial story, it remains unclear whether or not Planned Parenthood is not being truthful about this or not after they came under heavy investigation.(6)(7)
  • The other majority of his donation money is now sent to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.(8)
3. The Rockefeller’s
  • Foundation founded in 1913, with its stated mission being “promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world.” They helped create the modern day federal education system, regulated and funded the medical care system, and developed the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry.(14)
  • Today, the medical industry is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, student scores in the U.S. are some of the lowest in the world in math and mediocre at best in general, as a result of an unequal, stifling, anti-creative education system, and vaccines have caused more diseases than they have fixed.(15)(16)(17)
4. The Rothschild’s
  • In the early 1900’s, they purchased the majority of the U.S. media outlets (which is the reason why they are hardly talked about in the media) and helped create the Federal Reserve in 1913.(18)
  • The Rothschild’s have a deep history in their involvement with world affairs. We do know even from the limited reports that they funded many of the major wars. They funded the Napoleon War, both sides of World War I and II, and the Bolshevik Revolution that created the nightmare communist regime in Russia in 1917. Even further, the Rothschild’s gained approval to proceed with a Zionist movement in Israel, and essentially turned the first stone on one of the worst conflicts in the world, the 50 year Palestine-Israel war.(19)(20)(21)(22)

What This Means

The total amount of money given out by these five “philanthropists” equates to roughly $75 billion. From the looks of it, most of that money is not going to help us, but rather, help them to consolidate even more power and wealth. Billions could be spent on bringing water to the entire world, to creating shelter, but instead its donated in less common sensical ways.


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