Friday, September 29, 2017

During all of this time one-on-one connecting with Loved Ones, I’ve learned a few things about life after death and I feel is essential to share with you.
While here, I refer to these things as truths, in actuality, this is simply my reality, and what I’ve experienced and noticed when connecting you with Spirit!

1. Death is not the end – our spirits are eternal

Our bodies are temporary homes for our spirits, and when we cross over, we make a transition out of our physical body, but our soul continues on.

The earth is a classroom for our soul, for which we are given a body to use in order to grow, develop and learn lessons necessary for our soul’s evolution. However, once our lessons on earth have been learned, we transition back to pure spirit a transition called death.
After dying, we eventually can return to earth, in other physical body, to learn more lessons for our soul and continue our spiritual path of evolution.
Thus, the only change that has occurred in death, is that we are no longer bound to our bodies  our spirit continues to live on. Once in spirit, we are free to move between spirit and physical worlds, and without the boundaries of time.
Since the energy of the spirit still exists, and over time, your deceased loved ones may try to send you signs to let you know they are still watching over you. Which brings us to. . . .

2. You have love, support and guidance on the Other Side

After transitioning into spirit world, deceased loved ones often stay very active in watching over their families and assisting them in anything they need.
It is not uncommon for parents and grandparents to come to a reading and take credit for an accident that you managed to get out of unscathed, setting you up with a romantic partner, or helping you meet an impossible deadline.!!!!!!!!
If you are interested in connecting with a deceased loved one in this way, I suggest asking for guidance from a deceased loved one who had a specialty in the particular area in which you need help.
Was your father amazing at finances? Ask him to help you figure them out! Was your mother really good at watching over children, but terrible at driving?
Ask her to help watch over your little ones, but not to help you stay safe on the road!
For example, my own father was excellent at mathematics, but not so skilled at mood management “ I’d ask him for help with homework problems, but not with learning how to relax.
How you do you start? Your best bet is to begin by asking for guidance by those individuals that you knew well and were close with while they were alive, rather than from someone you never met.
While it is not uncommon for long lost ancestors to be watching over you as well, it will be easier to connect with and feel the energy of someone you knew.How do you know who is watching over you?
Take note of any spiritual experiences that you have had â dreams, visitations, and hunches.
If you had a deceased loved one connect with you in a dream, felt the energy of a loved one near you, or continue to be reminded of someone special  try connecting with that person first.

3. Your deceased loved ones haven’t changed

Many people believe that when our deceased loved ones cross over, they have somehow ascended in consciousness, and are now enlightened beings with all the answers.
Once they cross over, your deceased loved one does have an opportunity to review their entire life, from birth until death, from their own perspective and the perspective of everyone they have ever interacted with.

Through this process, they learn about the lessons they were meant to experience on earth, understand who they impacted and how deeply, and gain perspective on the role they played in the lives of others. Thus, they do gain is perspective.
Your loved ones may come back to visit you with insight they gained or an apology for how they acted.
And while they can see life and have gained understanding on a deeper level from this distance, the essence of who they are has not changed. If your brother was a loud, rowdy jokester he still is! And likely, he still wants to joke around with you!
Was your mother kind of bossy and opinionated? Rest assured, she still wants to talk to you about your boyfriend preferences.
Was your grandmother was kind, caring, and insightful? Trust that you can still rely on her for this guidance.
Your loved ones are living on, you can ask them for help and they are still the same person you always knew!


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