Thursday, December 7, 2017

Summer is almost over but people are still crowding the beaches to enjoy the last few weeks of vacation. While going to the beach is a fun activity, there are pretty yet dangerous sea creatures lurking around that you have to be aware of to avoid possible injuries and even death. Who would think that a creature as beautiful as the one in this article could be fatal?

It looks beautiful, doesn’t it? But this pretty bubble-like creature is actually very dangerous.
Traveling in pods of 1,000, they are called Portuguese Man-of-War.
These pretty but lethal creatures have tentacles ranging from 30-165 feet!
It pretty much looks like a jellyfish but it’s not. They are actually more lethal than a jellyfish!
Warning signs have been put up in beaches to avoid accidents with this creature.
Getting stung by a Portuguese Man-of-War can cause red and painful welts, paralysis, and even death!
Get in contact with these long tentacles and you can die.
Washing the sting away is not enough. You can still feel its effects weeks after.
An important reminder: Never pee on the affected area! The best remedy is a cold compress to relieve the swelling.
So once you see this on the beach, stay away from the water immediately!
For your own safety, do not take these warning signs for granted. Keep your eyes open for these lethal creatures.
Better safe than sorry, right? Have you seen a Portuguese Man-of-War or any other dangerous sea creatures in real life? Please comment on the section below.
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