Saturday, January 6, 2018

n ancient Chinese technique, called Reflexology is using some certain points, and with applying some pressure to those points will provide some positive effects, like treating some ailments or relieving from some types of pain. Surprisingly a lot of parents all across the globe, have been using reflexology recently, just to make their babies stop crying, and relieve them from their aches.
Below we prepared a list for you, if you are a parent and you want to prevent your baby from some aches, and stop its moan and cry. According to the experts, these 6 certain points are really able to make your baby relaxed, and relieve it from pain, therefore there will be less crying.
Sinus Pain
Lets say that your little baby started to suffer from sinus pain, all you need to do is stop panicking, and just gently massage its soles, they are right beneath their little toes. Apply a gentle pressure, because it is still a baby, don’t press too much you might hurt the baby.
Toothache and Headache
If your baby cannot stop crying, and it is because of a toothache or a headache, you can help it to relieve from the pain. Just gently start to massage the baby in a circular motion right on the tip of its little toes, this will relax them, relieve from their pain and they will fall asleep easily.
Stomach Pain
If your baby is having a stomach pain, start massaging the center of their toes in a circular motion, and be very gentle not to hurt them. This central toe area is bonded to the solar plexus, which is actually full of nerves that are between our stomach and our lungs.
Chest Congestion
Massaging their soles right above the foot’s arch, will relieve a lot of chest pain. Try to massage them very gently and do it in a circular motion, this will also stop their coughing and their body will be able to get rid of the congestion easy.
Pelvic Pain
If you notice that your baby, is starting to develop some parts of the body much faster than the rest, it is very likely that it is experiencing a lot of pain in its hips. You can massage their heels, which will help them get rid of the pain, relieve from their upset tummy and constipation.
Abdominal Pain
Massaging the foot of you baby between the soles and the middle, this can relieve from abdominal pain. But if you are sure that the baby is experiencing bloating, you should massage it between the heels and the middle of the foot.
But if you think your baby has more serious problems than these, go and see a doctor or a professional right away, because reflexology can be used for smaller issues like these. Try some of these techniques if your baby is experiencing some of he listed issues, you may help it to stop the pain and the crying as well.


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