Thursday, September 18, 2014

TD Canada wanted to say thank you to their customers this year in a way that felt truly “unique, personal and distinctive", and oh boy did they! As part of the bank's "TD Thanks You" marketing campaign, several Canadian branches set up "Automated Thanking Machines" that gave lucky customers the perfect gift. The bank secretly recorded customers while they received touching, highly personal gifts out of the ATM's specialized large slot. In the video, the ATM "speaks" with a live voice and addresses each unsuspecting customer by name. It then issues them personalized thank-you gifts through the ATM's slots, and from two hidden panels in the sides of the ATM box. Watch how an ATM can make you smile, or even cry with tears of joy despite the fact that literally your bank account is reduced..

What a great gesture! I wouldn't have thought that a bank besides its profit could have such sensitivity...even for a few of its customers! It is so amazing watching those reactions...Let's hope this project will inspire people to say thank you and pass it along. 


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