Friday, January 30, 2015

Growing up with brothers will teach you a lot about yourself. I like to think my brothers are two of the best things ever to happen to me. They gave me a unique understanding of men at a very early age.
No matter how much we learn about the male species through experience, it’s not quite as extensive as the education we acquire from growing up with a few of them.
Having brothers will, without a doubt, make you a stronger woman. You learn about respect, understanding and boundaries. I learned from the inside how the distinct male mind works. Men are interesting creatures.
My brothers shaped the checklist I have for boyfriends because they are some of the greatest boys on the planet. I don’t take sh*t from anyone and expect an intense level of respect.
I have to thank them for that. They made me who I am today. Even when they drove me crazy, I loved them more than anything in the world.
I’d give up my right arm before I would trade the experience of being a sister to some of the most fabulous brothers a girl could ask for. They were some of the best teachers, and every healthy relationship I’ve had — both professional and personal — can be attributed to my relationship with my brothers.
Any girl with a brother can relate to that — they’re the best gift your parents could have given you.
Your brothers definitely made you strong… the strong, independent woman you are today and here are 14 reasons why:

1. You learn how to deal with men at an early age.

Having brothers will give you a special insight into men very early in life. You learn how their minds work.
Men can be pretty hard to deal with, but having brothers will help you to understand them because they’re not only boys, they’re your family. It’s the best learning tool a girl could ask for.

2. You become patient.

You’ll develop patience you didn’t know you had. You get used to being the most reasonable of your siblings. When your brothers are acting a fool, you don’t get frustrated with them, you level with them.

3. You are a fighter.

Nothing will teach you how to fight like having brothers — both figuratively and literally. They are some tough cookies and you will have to fight to make things happen and you’ll have to fight to get your way (but you always do).

4. You are the boss.

You will have a thick skin as a result of growing up with male siblings. There is no question that you, my friend, are the boss.
This mentality will follow you through life, making you excellent at your job and at handling massive amounts of responsibility.

5. You learn to suck it up.

Crying never got you anywhere with your brothers. You know that bitching isn’t going to solve your problems; you just have to hold your head high and figure out how to resolve the tricky situations you face.

6. Your brothers teach you what you want in a partner.

Your best guide to the perfect boyfriend will come from your gathered experience of being a sister to brothers. If you’re close with them, you get to see how a man should treat a woman. And we all know findingsomeone they would approve of is never easy.

7. You can hold your own.

You’ve been roughhousing with your brothers since infancy. You know how to how to hold your own in any situation. They might be stronger, but you are always the craftiest of the group. You are a natural problem solver.

8. If you’re in trouble, you know exactly whom to call.

Your brothers are always going to have your back and they will always go to bat for you. If you’re in a squeeze, you know you can always call them to bail you out.
It’s not that you aren’t capable of taking care of yourself, but it helps to know that they’re there if you need them.

9. You know what makes a good man.

By growing up with good men, you learn what makes a man inherently good. Never would you put up with someone who treats you poorly because you know you deserve a man with the same moral character as your wonderful brothers.

10. You teach them how to respect women.

…Which teaches you how to respect yourself. As much as you learn about men from them, they learn from you as well. By teaching them respect, you learn how you deserve to be treated. There might be nothing as fearsome as a girl who grew up with brothers.

11. You know how to get what you want.

You are a master at arguing, you’ve been doing it for as long as you can remember. You always have your sh*t backed up and you have no problem voicing your opinions. Your brothers might be smart, but you have to be smarter.

12. They will protect you.

Sometimes a girl needs a little protection and you know your brothers are going to do that. Brothers are like lions when it comes to their sisters, they’re just naturally protective.

13. You don’t get intimidated.

You are not a person to be trifled with. Nothing intimidates you. You’ve been dealing with men for your entire life. The Patriarchy? LOL.

14. You ask for what you want.

Growing up with the impossible (yet lovable) main men in your life will develop your methods of communication. You learn from the very beginning you will never get what you don’t ask for.
Your brothers aren’t great at picking up on passive behavior, so you are extremely direct.


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