Monday, February 2, 2015

Dionne Baxter left her iPhone 4 charging on the bed next to her as she fell asleep — something she does often. But, boy, was that time different — the woman woke up in severe pain some time later to discover a five-inch burn on her breast. And yes, it was cause by the phone which had overheated.

Dionne, who is from Purfleet in Essex, England, was immediately rushed to hospital where the doctors treated the wound with antibiotic cream and painkillers. She told the Sun newspaper what had taken place:
I sleep in the nude and this large red mark was all down one side to the nipple. When I touched the phone, it was so hot, I couldn’t pick it up… It’s dreadful. Imagine if my daughter had been on that side of the bed and it had burned her face.
Of course, Dionne’s experience is not the first time that a phone has overheated during the night and burned someone, nor is it limited to iPhones. Just two weeks ago, it happened to Jake Parker who woke up to discover a painful burn on his arm after falling asleep over his iPhone 5. And earlier in February, a teenage girl suffered second degree burns after her iPhone caught fire in her back pocket while she was at school.
On the Android front, we have the experience of Ariel Tolfree — a 13-year-old girl from Texas — who had left her Samsung Galaxy S4 under her pillow before she fell asleep and when she woke up it had scorched her pillow and bed sheets. I wonder if there is something that could be done about this. Couldn’t there be an app that shuts down the phone when it heats over a certain temperature?
1. Dionne Baxter from Purfleet in Essex was left badly burned after falling asleep on her iPhone4.

2. Ms. Baxter took this photo immediately after waking up and discovering the burn on her breast.

3. Ms. Baxter was left with a painful five inch scar which was made worse after the burn became infected.

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