Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It is not a difficult thing. You can do it from anywhere you are. It is not essential to go to a temple to be a Buddhist. First and foremost believe in the Tripple Gem, Buddha (Lord Buddha himself), Dhamma (his teachings), & Sangha (His disciples)
This is how you pray:
Namo Thassa Bhagawatho Arahatho Samma Sambuddassa///
(You have to tell this sentence three times. It means “I worship Lord Buddha”)
After that :
  • Buddhan Saranan Gachchaami
    (I follow Buddha)
  • Dhamman Saranan Gachchaami
    (I follow Dhamma)
  • Sanghan Saranan Gachchaami
    (I follow Sangha)
  • Duthiyampi Buddhan Saranan Gachchaami
    (For the second time, I follow Buddha)
  • Duthiyampi Dhamman Saranan Gachchaami
    (For the second time, I follow Dhamma)
  • Duthiyampi Sanghan Saranan Gachchaami
    (For the second time, I follow Sangha)
  • Thathiyampi Buddhan Saranan Gachchaami
    (For the third time, I follow Buddha)
  • Thathiyampi Dhamman Saranan Gachchaami
    (For the third time, I follow Dhamma)
  • Thathiyampi Sanghan Saranan Gachchaami
    (For the third time, I follow Sangha)
Then try your best to adhere to the following five precepts :
  • Panathi Patha Veramani Sikkhapadan Samadhiyami
    [I refrain from taking others’ lives (Killing)]
  • Adinnadana Veramani Sikkhapadan Samadhiyami
    [I refrain from taking what is not mine (Stealing)]
  • Kamesumichcha chara Veramani Sikkhapadan Samadhiyami
    [I refrain from sexual misconduct]
  • Musawada Veramani Sikkhapadan Samadhiyami
    [I refrain from telling lies]
  • Surameraya Majja Pama Dhattana Veramani Sikkhapadan Samadhiyami
    [I refrain from taking intoxicants (Alcohol and drugs)]
According to Buddha’s teachings it is your thoughts that makes or breaks you. There are so many articles in the Internet regarding Buddha’s teachings. Our page too post articles. The best book to read at this stage is “What Buddha Taught” by an eminent Sri Lankan monk ‘Ven. Walpola Rahula’. If you have any more questions our page welcomes you. You will definitely have a peaceful life if you truly live up to Buddha’s teachings.
You can lead your own lifestyle as long as your habits adhere to the five precepts. Character wise, it is compassion on all beings that you should have. Once Buddha said that if a person can have loving kindness while he is being tortured by thieves, that person is a real follower of the Buddha.
I know it is difficult; but, if you live with indifference to all that’s happening in life and spread compassion (loving Kindness/ “Maithree”), you are above all. You will have the real solace. Meditation is the most important part in Buddha’s teachings. But, for that, you have to go to a Buddhist monk for advice, because, for each person the type of meditation is different.
As for food, there are no restrictions. But, as a Buddhist I would like if everybody could become a vegetarian saving the lives of the other beings.
As for habits, first see to your health by having clean habits, drinking lot of water and eating lot of vegetables and fruit. Secondly, find Buddhist books and spend at least one hour a day to learn Buddha’s teachings. Wherever you go, help the others in their need as you are able to. Spread the universal truth of Buddhism as you learn it.
May The Triple Gem Bless You!


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