Monday, May 11, 2015

The father brings his 3-year-old daughter Lisa to bed. He tells her a bedtime story and pray with her the Lord's Prayer. "Bye Grandpa Dear God, please protect mom, dad and grandma and." At the end the little girl says She then asks the father astonished: "But tell me, Lisa Why you say goodbye because of Grandpa.?" "I do not know exactly, Dad. I was just like that." The next morning the grandfather lying dead in his bed. The father and everyone else thought it may be just a coincidence.
Just a few months later, the father is back on the bed and his daughter listening to her during evening prayer. "Dear God, please protect mom and dad. And Bye grandma!" That same night, suffers a heart attack and dies Gr0ßmutter. Slowly it gets the father to do with the fear and thinking: "Holy cow My little Lisa has probably clearly psychic abilities ..."
A few weeks later, is again father-daughter time in the evening. Lisa ended as always the prayer, this time with the words: Dear God, please protect my mom. And Bye Dad! "The father felt him to his knees soft and his heart is racing like crazy. He goes to bed early, but he can make no eye. Even before dawn, he gets up and runs at a walking pace to the office. All day long he is overly cautious and even at noon, he opts for the soup, leaving the roast chicken are left to suffocate from fear to a bone. His only goal is to get through the day unscathed. So he does not go home after work, but remains in office, drinking gallons of coffee and watched the clock hands. After an eternity is finally midnight. He takes a deep breath and makes easier for home.
Once home, he his wife with a straight face receives. "But darling! As long as you were never even in the office. Did something happen?" - ".! You know what I want to not talk prefer Just this: This was by far the worst day in my life," he replies curtly. To which she replied in astonishment: "So you think your day was bad You have no idea what was going on this morning our postman has collapsed and died outside the door?.!"
For a tiny moment, I had to sort myself to outline the final words. And now Sorg 'and you a grin from one earlobe to the other with your friends and share this story with a deeper meaning!


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