Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jenny is still young, but must make a decision that would place every adult in a brutal inner conflict. This story is devastating.
Jenny Lake is a completely normal teenager. She is 17 years old and goes to high school in a small town called Pocatello in Idaho. Recently she made a new friend named Jason.
Jenny begins suffering from excruciating headaches. After several days of torture, she finally goes to her doctor. At the checkup, the doctor finds a large object, about 1 inch in diameter (2 cm), inside her brain. Shortly after comes the shocking diagnosis: cancer.
She must undergo chemotherapy if she wants to live.
For her family and her friend Jason, the diagnosis is a massive shock. But all stand behind her stoically.

But then she receives some news that normally would be wonderful: she is pregnant.

Even if Jenny is happy about the baby, she stands before the hardest decision of her life. The baby will die if she continues her chemotherapy. But if she stops the chemotherapy, she will die herself. It is a brutal life or death decision.

Jenny has decided: she stops the chemotherapy and gives birth to the little Chad Michael 9 months later. That means, however, that she will die. When Chad is born, she takes the midwife’s hand, pulls her close, and whispers: “I did it. I fulfilled my duty.”

After 6 days, Jenny leaves the hospital. She wanted to bring Chad home to be close to him.

Jenny holds her son in her harms as, 12 days after his birth, she dies.

Her motherly love was so strong that she sacrificed herself for the life of her son. That is indescribable love that only a mother can feel for her child.

His mother’s love will always accompany Chad.

It is unbelievably touching how strong, brave, and loving Jenny was.
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