Tuesday, June 2, 2015

They bring us into this world and from this moment on their only thought is our welfare.  If we have enough to eat, that we dress warmly, that we are hardworking and neat, or that our room or later our homes are well kept. 
Our mothers are always there for us. In life it becomes almost self-evident that they have no other interest other than our well-being.  One can quickly forget that our mothers are also persons with their own lives and wishes, and that their love for her children sometimes holds them back because they cares more for their children than for themselves.  That is why it’s time to pull the curtain on all the secret thoughts that a mother has daily with her child.  

1. You are the reason she has cried so much.
She cried from joy as she learned she was pregnant.  She cried out of happiness when she finally held you in her hands.  She wept with worry when things didn’t go your way.  And with pride at every step along the way.  
2. She also wants the last slice.
But of course she says she is full when she notices that you’d like to eat it.  Out of sheer love for you, she gives it up.  She doesn’t just give up the slice of cake, but on so much more in life.
3. She always worried about you.
Even before your birth she gave everything to keep you from harm.  When you were out late, she waited.  Not to bother you, but because she wanted to know that you were okay.  No matter if sickness or heartbreak: she is always at your side.  Forever.  
4. She had pains. Time and time again.
Your birth was the greatest pain that a person can feel.  And the 9 months before were anything but easy.  Afterwards you bit her while she nursed you, pulled her hair out, and  kicked her.  But with a smile from you, the pain was forgotten.
5. She is not perfect.
Maybe her care for you sometimes gets on your nerves.  Perhaps she doesn't do everything right or like you’d wish.  But she always tries her best and is her own best critic.  
6. She loves to look at you.
It is unbelievably hard for her to look away from you.  After you finally fell asleep on that sleepless night and awoke again with a smile, this moment has always warmed her heart.
7. When you cried, her world fell apart.
Every one of your sobs is a stab in the heart.  For her there is nothing more important than to comfort you and make you happy again.
8. To let you go is such a terrible loss.
She knows from the beginning that you will live your life step by step.  Every step is difficult for her; whether it is your first love or your own apartment.  What seems like an eternity for you flies by for her.  That is why it’s so difficult for her. 
9. She would do it again.
Despite all the pain and what she lost, the love and joy was always been greater and more important.  That is why she would take it all on again.  Because she loves you.

When you see your mother next, tell her how much you love her.  Or give her thanks.  That will send her heart to the moon.  Sometimes it is good to realize everything mothers do for us and what they gave up along the way.  They give us their love so that we thrive.  
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