Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Many people have had the experience at least once in their lives: you had a stressful day and fall onto your bed at some point and just want to go to sleep. But somehow, despite exhaustion, that simply doesn’t happen and you flail around frustrated in bed. Grandma’s secret was always a cup of warm milk, others try counting sheep to enter the realm of dreams. But no method is really a panacea. Here is a trick for how to breathe correctly so that you can fall asleep as quickly as possible. You should do it regularly: every morning after waking up and every evening before falling asleep to condition your body and to optimize the effect. When this breathing method becomes second nature, you won’t just be glad about the more refreshing sleep, but this trick, called “4-7-8,” helps immediately with stressful situations, panic attacks, or high blood pressure. Simply try it out, it costs nothing and it’ll definitely help! 1. Breathe in Everything begins of course with breathing in. First, position your tongue on the roof of your mouth, behind your front teeth. Then inhale slowly while counting to 4 in your head.

2. Hold your breath
Now hold your breath while remaining relaxed and count to 7. Your body now has enough time to absorb the oxygen and give energy to all your organs. The oxygen content in your blood is increased and your body begins to relax.

3. Breathe out
While breathing out, count to 8. You should try to breathe out as smoothly as possible. If you hear a quiet swooshing noise, you are doing it right. The slow exhaling ensures that the “used” air fully leaves your body. As a great side effect: your pulse will sink and will be noticeably calmed. You can almost feel the tension dissolving. With some practice, this trick works everywhere and anywhere. Even with stress or panic attacks, the body will relax within seconds. It is said to help in general against high blood pressure. And all that just by breathing correctly!

At the beginning, 4 repetitions in the morning and evening should suffice. After 2 months you can do 8 respectively. It is most effective when regularly practiced. But even with acute stress, this trick is a true blessing. Before reaching for the sleeping pills or other questionable substances, you should at least try this “4-7-8” trick.
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