Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In Albuquerque, something unbelievably sad occurred just a few days ago. A small 5-year-old girl was on the way home from school. Suddenly she was  attacked in broad daylight and beaten up. The reason: the little girl is mentally disabled.

These men caught wind of the unfathomable atrocity and decide to intervene. They belong to the motorcycle gang “The Punishers.” They ride undeterred to her house and ring the doorbell.

“We just want to say hello,” says one of the men. The girl’s eyes go wide. They tell her, “We are always for you, regardless of what happens.” The “Punishers” are a motorcycle gang like you have never seen before.

They are made up of former police officers, soldiers, medics, and so forth. Their goal as a gang is: always to protect the weak and the rights of others.

The little girl, remaining anonymous for security reasons, immediately felt a bond with the men and a friendship that will last a lifetime. From now on she has the strongest and most kindhearted protectors that one can imagine.

The Punishers exist all over the United States. It sure is good to know that people across the country can count on the protection of this special gang. Share this touching story.



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