Saturday, August 15, 2015

Everyone knows that during the summer there’s one rule: slather that suncream on! And be generous! But sunburn isn’t the only danger that you need to protect yourself from during the summer. There’s something even worse and it is lurking hidden in the inviting playground of the forest.
Karen McGregor experiences it firsthand: when the weather is nice, her son often enjoys playing outside in the high grass. But one day she discovers some red spots on his skin. Then some more. And then even more.

Her motherly instincts begin to raise the alarm. Since the rashes appear very strange to her, she takes some pictures to show the doctor. When she finally gets an appointment, she shows the physician the photos. Luckily in this case the doctor knows what he’s dealing with immediately.

He gives a diagnosis: lyme disease! He prescribes the little one antibiotics and sends him to the neighboring clinic. The doctors confirm the diagnosis as they see the hallmark symptom, a “double ring” that develops in 80 percent of the cases. A telltale sign for lyme disease.

“I am so grateful that we saw it in time,” Karen says, recommending to always make it to the doctor if you or someone in your family develops a similar rashes or spots. It is important that the doctor sees exactly what the spots look like when they are still fresh in order to insure the best treatment possible.

The red spots are caused by little these crawlers or fleas. They can carry the disease and serve as a good indicator for the treacherous disease. Lyme disease is an insidious and treacherous disease. It can cause paralysis, pain, arthritis, and neurological problems. It often goes undiagnosed for years as the disease often does not break out, making it difficult for doctors to identify.

Children are especially endangered by this terrible illness. Their nervous system is that much more vulnerable than that of an adult.

Everyone can ensure that this disease is nipped in the bud before it has the chance to break out by consulting a doctor as soon as possible. That is why Karen posted these photos of the rash online. So that other families can protect their children. If allowed to progress, lyme disease can be incurable. For this reason it is important that everyone knows this. So share this information with everyone you know.



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