Friday, September 18, 2015

Okay, so just when you thought you had seen it all, THIS happened!

The internet is an amazing place, especially when it comes to finding and trying out new beauty hacks.This amazing and totally unique nail art technique will leave your friends envious of your beautiful stripy talons.First, choose three different shades of polish to use for your design. The base coat should be a light colour while the stripe colors should be brighter or darker so that they stand out. Apply your base coat, and then let it dry. Take a darker shade and give your nail a thin layer by using a hand-held flosser. Now roll the floss side to side to create a single line.

This is where the magic happens, create more lines, while making sure you let the colors dry before doing another one. To perfect your look finally take a top coat and apply and thin even layer to the nail. the outcome of this DIY nail design looks so cool! People will definitely be asking you who did your nails, and they will be blown away when they find out you did them yourself.

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