Tuesday, October 27, 2015

If you're a messy eater, you're used to finishing your day with one coffee spill on the bottom of your shirt, a mustard stain on your collar, and a cream stain on your tie from your Boston cream doughnut. If you're not, then you still now how annoying pesky stains are because let's be honest, it happens to everyone. Here are some simple ways to make stain removers from things you already have at home:

1. Toothpaste

Just put a little bit of toothpaste on a stain on something leather and rub it off!

2. Remove tomato sauce stains with vinegar and dish washing liquid

3. Hydrogen Peroxide + Original Blue Dawn Dish Washing Liquid

1 part Dawn and 2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide: apply to stain and rinse off

4. Castile Soap + Water + Vegetable Glycerin + Lemon


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