Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Michael Faling from Spokane is the father of a 12-year-old son and is just trying to be a good father. But when he loses his job and his apartment, it's all downhill.
Michael and his son Cory stand before their demise. They are completely desperate and clueless. No relatives or acquaintances can take in the two, not even the local homeless shelter has space for them.

Both are forced to live in the forest for a few months. The caring father is completely desperate - how is he supposed to send his son to school without anything to eat?

They manage to barely survive. They end up in separate homeless shelters and the little Cory must fight to survive on his own. His father Michael knows that something must change quickly.

"My son thought that no one liked us," says Michael, since no one would take in the two.

He learns about an organization that helps homeless people like him to find apartments. Yet, as often, many of these apartments are so rare that there are very long waiting lists.
Michael gives up hope that their situation will improve - but then a small miracle happens: a woman contacts him. Her name is Mel Wood and she owns a small business.

Six years ago she lost her husband - he died from heart disease and now she lives alone with her 3 children and their dog Moses.

When she hears about Michael and Cory's terrible fate online, she shows how big her heart is. There is room for 2 in her house, so she invites the 2 to live with her until Michael finds another job. Many think she's crazy, but Mel says that since her husband died she fears nothing.

"I believe that when things are hard for someone, it helps to pick them up," says Mel. And then she says this wonderful sentence: "When you have more than you need, don't build a big fence but a huge table!"

Cory can now go to school and Michael no longer needs to live in the forest. "My son believes in humanity again," he says thankfully.

Thousands have heard of Michael's fate around the world. They have donated money to true to help the single father. Mel is convinced that her guest will be on his feet again soon.

This story shows that the generosity of a widow could save two lives at the same time. If this selfless act of charity also touched you, like thousands all over the world, then share this unbelievable story with everyone that you know.

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