Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Onion is a well known to be a skin cleaner, bacteria killer and blood purifier.
Another way onion can be helpful is in the case of a disturbed thyroid.
Igor Knjazkin, a doctor from Sant Petersburg, wrote a recipe for treating the thyroid gland, and it includes red onions.

His method consists of cutting up a red onion in half just before going to bed so that the juice can flow from each half.
Then massage the neck with the cut up onion around the area of the thyroid gland with light circular movements.
Go to bed without washing your neck so that the onion juice can take effect throughout the night. Onion juice naturally enables the function of the thyroid gland.
Afterwards, put a slice of onion in each sock and sleep!
It is known that onions clean the skin, kill bacteria, and the phosphoric acid enters the bloodstream and miraculously helps to purify the blood.
Folk medicine says that onions have the following effect:
  • They purify the blood
  • Kill bacteria and pathogens
  • Purifies the air


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