Friday, October 2, 2015

Amy Thomson is a completely normal Scottish 16-year-old Scottish girl. She's pretty, likes to go out with friends and is pretty popular at school. She normally has nothing to do with drugs. But her life changes radically after one fateful party.
At a party with some friends, the group really only just wants to have a good time. But someone offers her a see-through capsule filled with white powder. It's just ecstasy, they tell her, so don't be worried.

Amy and 3 other friends cluelessly take the pills. Then the shock: they collapse and black out. The ambulance is called immediately.

Her 3 friends are fortunate, but Amy is not: she is asleep in a coma nd her brain has been badly damaged. Her mother and her cousin Kayla fear for her at her hospital bed. They want their cheery and loving Amy back.

But, when Amy wakes up again, she is not the same: she can hardly speak, her pronunciation is slurred. The worst, however, is she is unable to move and must use a wheelchair.

Kayla published this video of Amy on YouTube. It shows what a single pill can do to such a cheery teenager:

The pill more or less friend Amy's brain, leaving her only able to talk with extreme effort.

A women and a man have been arrested in the meantime. They are under the suspicion of having sold contaminated drugs to the teenagers.

But for Kayla and Amy's mother it doesn't matter: they just want their daughter back. This video of Amy should serve as a warning that drugs are a dangerous game to play. Share this message with everyone that you know.


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