Thursday, October 15, 2015

He has the body of a normal man, but his face looks more akin to a distorted mask. That's how Godfrey Bagum was born 47 years ago, in a country where disabled people have a much more difficult time than here in the U.S. In Uganda, such people are not supported by disability laws.
Godfrey Bagum won the title of “ugliest man in Uganda” in a contest. But what happens to him will make you simply speechless.

Despite all hardship in his life, Godfrey Bagum has managed to maintain his vitality and has become a satisfied and happy person. He married a beautiful, young woman who eventually became pregnant. But for 4 years he does not dare to meet her family. He is convinced they will tell his wife to leave him. He wants to first nurture his loving relationship with his child to convince her family of his worth.

But in the 6th month of pregnancy, his wife leaves him. Two months later she returns to him. His reaction is brilliant as he tells her: “I never wanted to look this way. When that is a burden for you then feel free to leave.” That is exactly what his wife does.

Thanks to the Ugandan man’s unshakable determination, he is unable to simply give up, even as he discovers that his wife has left him. He recovers from his broken heart and soon meets the love of his life, Kate Namanda. She is not only 20 years younger as him, but she is also beautiful and fertile. In the meantime, she has given birth to their eighth healthy child together this year! But that is not enough.

Not only has this man - DESPITE looks that would scare off most women - founded a family, but he has managed to earn his livelihood THANKS to his looks! That sounds unbelievable. And it is. Godfrey Baguma gives concerts and has fulfilled his childhood dream: he’s become a singer!

You heard that right. Whoever judges him because of his appearance and his deformed mouth does so rashly. For his speech is hardly influenced by his disability. His artist name is “Ssebabi,” which translates from Ugandan to “the ugliest of all.” He has even done some amazing co-productions with famous Ugandan artists. He recently just made his first music video, which has been a hit in Uganda.

His health and his disabilities have never been examined and thus have never been diagnosed. All that is left is to wish this unbelievably confident man a long and happy life.



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