Thursday, October 15, 2015

Katy and Justin Patten are beside themselves with joy when they discover in 2011 that they are going to have twins. The two children are supposed to enter their life and build a little family.
But suddenly, the dream meets an unfortunate end during the 23rd week of pregnancy when Katy's contractions begin. The two boys, Aiden and Gavin, are born too early and die just days after they come into the world.

Katy and Justin mourn what could have been - they know that the two boys will always be in their hearts and eventually decide to try their luck again with another child. The little Ava makes them parents for the 3rd time and 3 years later the little baby Guiliana is born.

Mom Katy is overjoyed and wants to take a picture to remember this period in their lives, a time where their girls are still so young. They make an appointment with the photographer Linda Gittins. Yet during the shooting, Katy's heart becomes as heavy as lead.

She misses her two firstborns and wishes they could be there for this family moment. Katy and Justin want to make sure, at any cost, that Ava and Guiliana know about their brothers, that they are reminded of them, that there are still little angels who watch over them and guard them.

And that is where the idea for this touching picture comes from. The photographer inserts the two brothers as shadows, using a picture of the son of her neighbor who is the same age that the boys would have been. Mom Katy and dad Justin get goosebumps when they see the finished picture.

This wonderful family portrait is now sitting on the mantlepiece in house of the Pattens and reminds them everyday that there are two little boys that still belong to their family. If this wonderful photo also touched you so much, then share it with everyone that you know!



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