Sunday, October 11, 2015

It seems like there is no one left with a good straight body for some years now. And I mean young people, not 30 and up. Anywhere you are, stop and just look around to see if you can find a straight up walking person. To add to the irony, that straight up walking person could be believe it or not someone from the old generations. All the young boys and girls are hunching and most of them have a neck bending forward.
It is called a “text” neck because it all started with messaging and then continued with browsing, watching videos, Facebook , on line games and other things to come.

In this text you will read about a case of a young girl whose parents were shocked from the doctor’s report. Her neck was really bad.
The same is happening to all of our children and we are in denial to think they are fine. Any child that spends more than two hours of time doing any of the above mentioned with a bad posture or position, must have some kind of neck or spine deformation.
When we tell them to stop using the computer or their phones, they say that everyone is playing, that they are all doing the same. You are not cool until you have played 4000 hours of a specific game! These are alarming news for us parents. Our children not only have bad backs and necks, but they are seriously addicted to their passionate gaming.
The girl I mentioned was suffering intense pain in the neck. She was seen by the orthopedist and the report was devastating.
X-ray showed a reversed spinal curvature so bad at such young age that it was unbelievable. It took a long time for the neck to bend forward like that in old people who worked specific jobs that created such deformities only up to a few years ago. Now younger and younger teens need help worldwide for their pain. They go to the chiropractors, their problem sometimes requires physical therapy, orthopedic braces, lifestyle changes, massages, adjustments to strengthen their muscles and correct their posture.
Here are a few tips on how to avoid further damage
Remember to lift your devices higher in order to look straight at them, not look down at them. There is a new app that blinks a red light when your phone is lower reminding you to look straight and lift it higher. Stretch and straight up, roll your shoulders and walk any time you can in your office, take the stairs and enjoy long walks, of course  walking as straight as possible.
In the beginning it is going to be hard because the body is used to such a position for a long time and it will need time to adjust. Do not go back once you have decided to improve your posture. You always look taller when you don’t hunch. Be the one that stands out with a graceful walk.
Please think of the other health conditions caused by deformed back and neck.  Migraines, stiff arms, legs and hands, bad circulation, debilitating pain which when lasting for a longer period of time, causes deep depression.
Raise awareness among young and old! Don’t hesitate to warn people about the hunching epidemic!


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