Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kanya Sesser was just a week old when she was abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. The girl lived for 5 years in an orphan home before being adopted and brought to the US. The amazing thing is: Kanya was born without legs.

But the 23-year-old doesn't limit herself. Quite the contrary! The young woman proves that "different" doesn't mean unsexy. The athletic woman works as a successful underwear model. When she was discovered at the age of 15, it was all uphill battle. "It's a lot of fun and shows my story," tells Kanya. "I don't need legs to be sexy!"

"I love showing people what beauty can look like," says the confident brunette. "These pictures show my strength!" And the tattooed Kanya possesses quite a lot of that. Instead of using a wheelchair, this bundle of life uses a skateboard to get around. She loves to surf and wants to compete in the Paralympics in 2018 in Moscow.

"I love to express myself in a way that people don't expect," says Kanya about herself. "That's just me!" Exactly that enchanted her boyfriend Brian Waters. "He just saw me modeling for the first time and told me that it was wonderful and special." And he's totally right!

What a special young woman! Kanya Sesser proves that beauty is not uniform. When this unbelievable story of this exceptional model also impressed you deeply, then share it with all your friends.



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