Friday, October 16, 2015

Vivian Keith from St. Louis is just 2 years old when the doctors give her a horrifying diagnosis: the girl with the golden curls is suffering from leukemia. Her life will now be a series of hospital visits and excruciating chemotherapy. But there is something that will always cheer up the little Vivian.

Directly across the hospital is a massive construction site, where, among others, Travis Barnes and Greg Combs work on the steel scaffolding. Vivian is practically glued to her window on the 9th floor to observe all the happenings, distracting her from her dreary and painful days. "Every morning she woke up and went to the window to wave," remembers Vivian's mother Ginger Keith. "And we had to wave until someone waved back!"

The little spectacle repeats itself daily. Until one morning, when the 2-year-old was having a particularly bad day. As usual, Vivian dragged herself to the window sill to wave to the men. But instead of waving back, Travis and Greg point to one of the steel beams where "Get well soon!" was written in all capital letters.

But, that isn't all: after they had waved to each other from through the window for months, Travis and Greg personally came to visit Vivian in the hospital. To meet their biggest fan and to hug their touched parents. "I thought about my own kids and how valuable life is," tells Travis Barnes with tears in the eyes. "It makes me happy that something so simple like that could make someone's day better!" 

An unforgettable and emotional moment for all involved! "I thank them so much for making Vivian's visit so better," says mom Ginger, touched. And tomorrow, Vivian will sit on the windowsill and wave again. But this time strangers won't wave back, but friends.

I have such a warm feeling in my heart! With a small gesture, Travis Barnes and Greg Combs have given this 2-year-old a ton of smiles during a rough time in her life - and all that every day. If this story of Vivian and her construction buddies also touched you deeply, then share it with everyone that you know!



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