Monday, November 23, 2015

People worldwide are still shocked daily by the gruesome details of the atrocious attacks in Paris. It has now become known that the terrorists have claimed a further victim: the brave police dog, Diesel.

Over 100 police officers were standing by, ready to storm a house in the Saint-Denis district of Paris. Officials believe that the cowardly mastermind behind the attack also had explosives. An important member of the courageous team, the 7-year old police dog, Diesel, was also there. 

Diesel was sent first into the house to sniff for more bombs with her perfect doggy-nose. For the experienced dog, this task is no child's play. But, suddenly, a door opens and a heavily-armed woman storms out. 

She opens fire wildly before exploding, wearing a bomb-lined vest. She injured 5 police officers, but the saddest victim was the dog: she died during the bloody massacre but remained a loyal friend up until the moment of her death.

"It is exactly like someone took a colleague from us," said one police officer. During her career, the brave dog had won countless awards and was an irreplaceable member of the team. 

Thousands of people around the world are now sharing the motto "Je Sues schien," (I am dog). Diesel's gripping story and honour the fantastic dog with pictures of their own dogs. 

They want to make it known that people are not the only victims. 

Share this tragic story with everyone you know, and let them know about the terrible victim. 



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