Thursday, November 26, 2015

It is and remains the most beautiful thing that exists on this earth: a love that last a lifetime. Floreen and Ed Hale from New York are a shining example that eternal love really exists. The two spent an unbelievablr 60 years together and even death couldn't end their loving connection. This is a story that will go straight to your heart and one so beautiful, that only life itself could have written it.
Floreen and Ed met each other in 1952 at a dance and it was love at first sight. Ed knew immediately: her or no one else!

And Floreen was beside herself from joy when Ed asked for her hand. She said "Yes," immediately and the two thus decided for a life together.

The promise that they gave themselves before the altar, they took literally. This promise accompanying them throughout their lives: "Until death do us part!"

83-years-old, Ed is brought to the hospital because of kidney failure. Days later Floreen has a heart attack and is taken to another, far away hospital.

Even though Ed was actually too weak for the move, he insisted on being moved to the other hospital. They met his wish and the two were finally reunited again.

So they lie hand in hand together. Floreen noticed her husband's presence immediately. But she was already too weak and died shortly after. Her hand still lying in Ed's, who took his last breath just two hours later, closing his eyes forever.

His last words were: "Floreen, I'll never leave you alone. I promised you back then that nothing in this world can keep me away from you. And when you go, then I will go with you!" He had no idea how right he was...

There is nothing more valuable on Earth than being loved unconditionally. Eveything else pales in comparison. When you have found your partner for life, nothing can take that from you. Not even death.
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