Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's already here again: Autumn and Winter are the time for sneezing! People all around you are coughing and blowing in their tissues. It's just a question of time until you catch it too. Cause you've got a problem: either the nose runs like a dam has burst, or it's blocked and you have to try to suck in enough oxygen through your mouth. The worst, however, is in the night! Because if you've caught a cold, you can no longer think of sweet dreams; instead the idea of bed rest turns into a nightmare. You twist and turn, left and right, in the hope of finding a position in which you can at least breathe comfortably. Often in vain. But you can remedy the situation yourself without nasal sprays with addictive substances or other medications. These 2 tips will help you to be able to breathe freely again, despite the cold.
1. Tongue and Acupressure
Press the tip of your tongue for a few seconds against the roof of your mouth. Then relax your tongue again. Repeat the exercise a few times. 

At the same time, push with your middle and index fingers on your forehead between the eyebrows for a second and then stop. Again, repeat this action a few times. 

It is important that you do these two exercises at the same time and multiples times within 25 seconds, in order to clear your nose. 

2. Hold your breath
Breathe in deep. Lean your head back and pinch your nose with your thumb and forefinger. Hold your breath as long as you can, but only until it starts to be uncomfortable and not longer. 

The video instructions for the exercises can be found here:

Now you should be able to breathe easily again. When you've got a cold, you should do these exercises before going to bed, so that you can sleep easy and recuperate overnight. Give it a try!
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