Friday, November 20, 2015

Dean Wharmby is a father and an serious athlete from Manchester, England. The bodybuilder puts a lot of value on his body and his muscle mass has become his biggest asset, financially and professionally. He invests all his time into training and nutrition: his diet contains over 10,000 calories per day to build as much muscle mass as possible.

To break this caloric hurdle, Dean eats a mix of fast food and balanced meals such as chicken, fish, and eggs to meet his increased protein need. Additionally, the athlete consumes energy drinks in order to be awake and focused during his strenuous workouts. He drinks two cans an hour while training.

But 5 years ago, Dean's plan began to backfire. He becomes sick. The doctors find a tumor in his body, but the bodybuilder refuses to undergo chemotherapy. Rather, he opts for alternative medicine and it seems like it's working as the tumor shrinks and eventually disappears.

Dean returns to his old habits and continues what caused the tumor in the first place. But this time with more serious consequences. The doctors diagnosed him with liver cancer. He tries to escape the cancer with a strict and healthy diet and refuses chemotherapy again. He loses weight quickly and drastically.

But it is too late for the 39-year-old. During his fight against death, he finds out what cost him his life: the energy drinks. The extreme amount of sugar simply promotes the growth of cancer cells. With its help, the cells grow faster and multiply rapidly.

Dean blames the energy drinks for his death. He falls into eternal rest in the arms of his wife Charlotte. The father of the little Scarlett died much too early. He wanted to push his body beyond its physical limits and paid with his life. Like many others, he consumed energy drinks in excess, but too little people know the risks.

Share this sad and disturbing story with everyone that you know, for this trendy drink costs much more than a couple dollars in the end. All must be warned of these dangers, for these stimulating drinks are especially popular among younger people.



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