Friday, December 4, 2015

This picture displays a wonderful fall scene. An old gate, a handsome oak, some colorful foliage ... and ... a naked woman! Most people can't spot her but she's there. Take a closer look:

Find her? Actually, this is art of the highest order, a fantastic symbiosis out of nature photography and body painting by the artistsJörg Düsterwald and Tschiponnique Skupin.

And he has even more fantastic photos that take a double, or even triple, take to find the hidden people:

Here is the wonderful effect once more:

Were you able to spot all the people? It honestly took me forever with the 2nd picture. By the way, you can even buy an entire calendar of these and other wonderful pictures. Here's where you can order it:

This form of art is really fascinating. So share it with all others and show your friends that you have the better eye!



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