Thursday, December 10, 2015

You may be surprised to learn what types of food have been effecting your smile.
did you know that even healthy food could be wrecking your teeth?

Watch the full below to find out more:

It’s scary to learn that some of the common products we keep in our fridge can actually do more damage than good

In fact some of them can be just as bad for your teeth as a candy bar is.
Why? It all comes down to acid. Acid is known to erode the tooth’s enamel. Once your enamel weakens you are more prone to jumpstarting cavities and tooth decay.
The amount of time your teeth are exposed to acid makes a big difference to your pearly whites.

I try to eat clean, but that means eating a lot of fruit. To conquer this I carry a tooth brush and some paste in my bag at all times, so I can clean between meals.
Also, drinking lots of water helps to neutralise the acids and helps wash them away.
Another top tip, would be too eat acidic foods as part of a meal, rather than a snack.
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