Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This news dropped like a bomb and has now provided hope to millions: Scientists seem to have discovered a highly effective and natural anti-cancer agent. And by pure chance! So far, the new wonder drug has been encouragingly successful during tests.

Here is the berry that is currently making all the headlines. It’s called “Fontainea picrosperma” and only grows in North Australia. A team of researchers noticed it while observing the local faunas fondness for it, although they curiously spat out the seeds immediately. The researchers decided to look into it.

At the world-renowned QIMR Berghofer medical research institute, scientists have developed a drug from the seeds of a plant also known as the Blushwood tree. For now, it carries the working name of EBC-46.

The team developing the drug quickly noticed it’s amazing potential. When used to treat cancerous tumours, the results were simply astonishing:

This dog with a tumour on its snout was one of the lucky test subjects. Within just 15 days of treatment, there was practically nothing left of the tumour! The most startling aspect of this whole story is the speed at which the fruity drug kills off cancerous cells. Improvements have been noted as early as 5 minutes after injection. Current treatment of tumours only show signs of improvement, if any, several weeks after the beginning of treatment. This wondrous new cure is truly miraculous!

Human testing has also begun. Martina Toso had a melanoma treated using EBC-46. By the end of the test, she was completely cancer free! A fantastically hope-filled result.

The effectiveness of EBC-46 is limited, however, to the early stages of tumorous growth. Metastatic cancers are still too far spread for topical treatment. Furthermore, the Blushwood tree is very rare and hard to cultivate. Several other teams are working on refining the production of the drug for large-scale distribution. Once perfected, nothing will stand in its way.

Finally, an effective remedy for cancer may have been found. Although the inherent diversity of cancers makes it near impossible to have a single panacea, this new drug gives hope to millions of people suffering from cancer. 
Share this wonderful news with the world and give hope back to the people in the battle against cancer.



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