Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The american Paul Wolscht has been married for 23 years and is a proud father of 7 children. But he's been carrying around a secret with him for a very long time. And now, at 46 years of age, he can no longer hold it in. The time has come for him to show it:

His entire life, Paul has felt like he was trapped inside the wrong body. He feels that he is actually a girl. He doesn't only wear women's clothing in secret, but he is effectively a transsexual. That means, that in the future he's like to live as a woman. For his wife, of couse, this is a enormous shock!

She doesn't want to live with it and gives him an ultimatum: "Stop being a tranny!" But Paul can't. His old life had made him depressed and he'd even considered committing suicide. It broke his heart, but finally he decided that from now on he will continue living as "Stefonknee" (pronounced: Stephanie).

To the demands of his wife, Stefonknee said: "It is as though so suddenly wants me to stop being 1.90cm tall. But I simply am." He feels now, as a girl, complete for the first time - and so he is. He goes to work and openly fights for acceptance for the transsexuals in Canada. But Stefonknee is doing even more:

"I was never able to grow up as a little kid, therefore I am now a 6 year old girl." She dresses herself like a first grader and has even found "foster parents", who accept her and love her. In her freetime Stefonknee enjoys painting and plays with the other kids to learn how a girl grows up. But even though she's happy ...

... the lost of her family causes her a lot of pain, because she has been shunned from them. She was invited to her daughter's wedding but only under one condition: she had to come dressed as a man and could only take a backseat. It was this day that Stefonknee made her last attempt at suicide. 

Today, it is very important for her that the taboo be broken: "I don't need medication any more and I have great community. But it's lacking company." She is therefore fighting for more transsexuals to come out and to be able to laugh again. 

I must admit that I was initially very puzzled by this story. Although I found it surprising that a grown man wants to live as a 6 year old girl, Stefonknee's story is one of bravery and I wish her all the best for the future. If this story also made you think twice and moved something in you, then share it with everyone that you know.

source  www.hefty.co


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