Sunday, January 10, 2016

rub your thumb and pull the lead out. 

The thumb is connected to the heart, lungs. When you experience palpitate, or shortness of breath, etc.,rub your thumb and pull the lead out. 

Constipation "rubbing forefinger

The lungs are weak easily affect the benefits the spleen and stomach, so for stomach problems that have to do it this way.

index finger

The index finger associated with colon and stomach, so for the constipation and diarrhea, you should rub your finger palm. 

Motion sickness and insomnia "rubbing the middle finger" 

To you who is drunk while traveling, you can rub your middle finger while riding in a car. In addition, separately you who have poor quality sleep, this can be due to problems pericardium, also can use the move.

Migraines and neck pain "Rub finger Sweet 

For you who frequent migraine and muscle pain in the neck, it might be due to the blood flow smoothly, rub your sweet finger.

palms are we connected with many nerves, therefore, to protect the physical health we clap our hands.

Pain "Tap Backs Hand 

Acupuncture china remove a theory, they are considered part of the feet and hands that the zones are connected with the body. Similarly, the backs of hands is also connected to the side of the waist, so for the sick piggang, pat-pat backs of the hands. The trick is that the hand patting the other hand by way of turn.



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