Saturday, January 9, 2016

There is a popular belief in Chinese medicine and culture that there are a number of significant points on our feet which are directly connected to different body parts and organs. Furthermore, they believe that massaging any of these points can improve certain medical conditions and improve your overall health.
We’ll discuss just one of these important points, the Tai Chong (LV3), which is the point between the big toe and second toe on your foot, two finger widths above where your big toe and next toe join.
Massaging this point can relieve your headache, eliminate stress and anger, cure back and limb pain, lower blood pressure, help with menstrual cramps and effectively treat insomnia and anxiety disorders. It’s also beneficial for your liver; it regenerates it and improves its function.
The Chinese culture also believes that stimulation of this point can help you significantly improve your digestive function, genital pain, canker sores, eye problems and soothe irritability.
Scientists conducted a trial about the effects of acupuncture stimulation of this pressure point which showed it can very effective in managing post-stroke depression. Another study conducted on animals showed that stimulation of this point can effectively reduce high blood pressure and plasma endothelin-1 levels in hypertension subjects.
If you are experiencing some of the above mentioned issues here’s how you need to massage this point in order to improve your condition: glide your finger alongside the space between the first and second toe to the tip of the joint. Tai Chong (LV3) is located in the gap where your finger touches the bone (metatarsal joint).
After you’ve located this point, press it with your fingers and massage it for 2-3 second, pause for 5 seconds and repeat. Repeat this action for about 2 minutes and remember to make counterclockwise movements while pressuring the point.
Notice: If you’re feeling weak or running on fumes you shouldn’t apply this treatment.


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