Tuesday, January 12, 2016

when children are sick, mothers all over the world do whatever they can to make their babies feel better. You've heard of chicken soup and a hot shower. But onions in socks? 

When 3-year-old Riley Madison, of the blog Adventures of Riley Madison, came down with cold symptoms and her temperature spiked to a startling 103.9 degrees, her mom took to Pinterest in search of a home remedy. 

What she found was an unusual cure with roots in Chinese medicine. Lifestyle website Healthy Wild and Free explains Chinese medicine's belief that the bottom of the feet are direct access points, or meridians, to internal organs. In fact, there are approximately 7,000 nerve endings in the feet with direct pathways to the organs. 

To open these pathways, and thus purify the organs, Healthy Wild and Free recommends sleeping with onions or garlic in your socks. 

Why does this work? Healthy Wild and Free explains onions and garlic are known air purifiers. The phosphoric acid that makes your eyes water also kills bacteria and purifies the blood. Onions also have the added benefit of purifying the air and have been used for this purpose since plagues gripped England, when chopped onions were left open in a room in order to purify the air and prevent infections. 

After learning about the home remedy, Riley's mom sliced an onion, put the pieces in her daughter's socks, placed them on her feet, and tucked Riley into bed. 

Shortly after, Riley began vomiting and her dad fell victim to flu symptoms. Riley's mom gave her daughter a spoon full of medicine and sent Riley's dad to bed with onions in his socks.

The next morning, both Riley and her dad seemed to be miraculously cured. 

"I feel great!" Riley said the next day over a breakfast of eggs and sausage. 

Riley and her mom give the onions-in-socks home remedy "two thumbs up!"

source  sfglobe.com


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